MUSTAFA G. SAYGIN MD.PhD. Assist.Professor.

CardioVascular  and Endovascular Surgeon.

Nisantasi University

SayginKlinik Medical & Aesthetic Center

Ortaklar Cad. No 51

Sisli, Istanbul, TURKIYE

Skype ID : mgsaygin


GSM :  90-532-20 66 500

Office : 90 541 577 70 70



OBJECTIVE :  As a cardiovascular surgeon in active  clinical practice since 1998;  in addition  to performing clinical  cardiac and vascular  surgery procedures on a daily basis;   secondary career  emphasis  has  been  given  onto  research  and  development   on  stem  cell  therapy and angioneogenesis, vein restorative procedures  and 3D custom varix stocking production. I  have  four  patent  application  files  regarding aforementioned  issues.   I am founder of Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery department of Sisli Etfal Research and Training Hospital,  İstanbul(2013), Founder of Trakya University Department of Cardiovascular Surgery,Edirne (1998)  Founder of Kalp Aritmi Heart Hospital Bursa(2005)  and Finally SayginKlinik  Medical&  Aesthetic Center in Sisli İstanbul.( June 2019)


My current practice covers  1  adult open heart case and 2 major vascular surgery & Venous cases a day and also includes EVAR, TEVAR cases and, iliac, renal  and carotid  stenting and femoral & distal tibial PCI  interventions.


I am currently Director and Consultant Physician and Surgeon for  Saygin Klinik and its affiliated hospitals. Current program covers both thoracic & cardiıovascular  patients and Aesthetic patients.




Izmir  Ataturk  Highschool. ( 1986  -1989 )


National Medical School & University  Election  Exams ( MCAT )

(1989 –  Best-Top 1%  success grade amongst nearly 700.000 University candidates.)


Marmara University School Of  Medicine; 1989 – 1997 Istanbul,Turkey

(Medical Education in English – 7 years of Medical Training)


Michigan University School of  Medicine:

(Clinical Clerkship in Thoracic  Surgery May 1995)

(Tutorship by  Dr. Steven Bolling )



Molecular  Biology  PhD. Training : Marmara  University. 1997 ( 1 year training.)


Graduation from Marmara University School of Medicine. ( curriculum of  instruction is in English  during  7 years of  medical  training)  March 1997


Passed April 1996 TUS Exams at first attempt.( National Residency Election Exams; Top 1% success grade amongst 17.000  MD  Residency Candidates)


General Surgery  Residency ( Haydarpasa Numune Hospital – Istanbul 1997 – 1998)


Passed April 1998 TUS  Second Time.(National Residency Election Exams; Top 1% success grade amongst 18.700  MD  Residency Candidates.)


Residency : Thoracic & Cardiovascular  Surgery, Trakya  University  School Of Medicine.   Residency commenced : June  4th  1998

Graduation as a Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeon July 4th 2003


Passed United  States Medical Licensing  Exams. ( All at First Attempt)

( Gained  ECFMG  Certificate 2000 )


ECFMG  Certificate  Active. ( No:  0 – 499 – 466 – 3   Valid  Indefinitely)

( USA  Medical Doctor Board and Eligibility Diploma)

Passed TOEFL  exam  2005 ( Top %1 Score –  Score 612 / 256 CBT) 


Passed  IELTS  general  exam with grade  7. ( 2013)


Passed English Language Exam  (YDS ) applied  by Turkish University  Authorities Grade 95 /100


Texas Heart  Institute Cardiovascular Surgery Clinical  Fellow. ( 2001 – 2002 ) 

(Supervisory of  Dr Denton Cooley, Dr. Michael Duncan and Dr. David Ott)


Texas Heart Institute and Texas Childrens Hospital  Rotations in Thoracic and pediatric cardiac Surgery.


Staff  Cardiovascular Surgeon, Bursa  State Hospital, (2003 – 2006)


Staff Cardiovascular Surgeon,  Heart & Arrythmia Hospital.Bursa( 2006 – 2013 )


Consultant  Thoracic & Cardiovascular  Surgeon,  Sisli  Etfal  Research  and  Training  Hospital  ( Ministry of Health)  Department  of  Cardiovascular  Surgery.

( September 2013 – September 2016)


Consultant  : Consultant  Thoracic & Cardiovascular  & Endovascular  Surgeon, Avrupa Safak Hospital. (September 2016 – July 2019 )


Consultant & Director :  Saygin Klinik, Sisli, İstanbul ( Since July  2019) and Derindere Hospital


PhD  : Biophysics; Trakya University, Edirne  Turkey (Since 2017)



ECFMG  Certificate (Educational Comission for  foreign  Medical Graduates ) USA

European Board of CardioThoracic Surgery. 

European Board of Vascular Surgery.

Texas State Medical Board.



RESEARCH :   TUBITAK – BAYG ( Turkish Scientific Research Foundation)   Research  support  grant. “ Cellular  Therapy  for immunetolerance in Heterotopic Heart transplantation in Rats”


Effect  of  Transmyocardial  Laser  Revascularisation  on  Low Ejection  Fraction  Cardiac  Failure  Patients. ( Cardiovascular  Surgery Specialisation Thesis)


Microvascular Surgery Specialist Certificate ( Istanbul Capa University).

Performed hundreds of  heterotopic  heart transplants in rats and guinea pigs for the first time in Turkey.




Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Vascular  Surgery  Intensive Care.

Cardiovascular  experimental  and  biomedical  reseach.

Aesthetic Medicine

Stem Cell Therapy & Angioneogenesis.


Operative Log :


Residency Log :  During  5 year  residency period; attended 550 cardiac surgery and 1300 vascular surgery cases; nearly 10% of those cases were performed as primary sugeon in the 5th year of the residency program.


During Clinical Fellowship year at the Cardiovascular Surgery Department of Texas Heart Institute;   I had  the  opportunity of  attending and  scrub  for  nearly  550  open heart  cases. ( 2001 – 2002 )


Afterwards,  since 2003;


Nearly  1500 Open Heart Surgery cases Performed independently  as  single  surgeon including OpCABs, double valves, ascending aortic replacements  Bentall and Redo cases with overall operative  mortality of %2 (In  Euroscore 4 – 6 Group)


Nearly 3500  major vascular  surgery cases has been performed as  a single  surgeon independently, case load including  Abdominal Aortic surgeries,  carotid  and femoral  artery  surgeries,  high volume of AV Fistula  Cases, more than  2000 Endovenous Laser and Endovenous  RF  cases.


Endovascular   experience  covers   over 1500 cases of  iliac, renal  and peripheral vascular stenting as primary surgeon.  EVAR  has been  performed  on 155  cases independently  as  a  single  surgeon w  Anaconda  system. TEVAR   application  in only 98  cases. Interventional peripheric arterial atherectomy and  Deep venous thrombosis  therapy with mechanical thrombolysis by EKOS  and Trellis   systems performed in high number of patients.


Dramatic number of case experience in war and trauma vascular and thoracic surgery. ( Military service and high case load of Sisli Etfal hospital which is in the center of İstanbul.)


Registered  digital  Archive of  Operative  Log Book  is  available upon  your  request.


SCIENTIFIC PAPERS :  2 international   and  5  national scientific  papers. SCI :8

9 international   and  5  national  Congresses attended.

3 international congresses attended routinely since 2007.

Current  Job Positions :.

Assistant Professor, Nisantasi Üniversity, Maslak  İstanbul

Thoracic & Cardiovascular and endovascular  positions in clinical grounds.

Research  and / or Clinical Adjunct  CardioVascular & Endovascular Surgeon.

PhD  &Research Fellow; Trakya University, Edirne, Turkey.


Personal:  48 years old,  Male, Caucasian Highly Competent in spoken and written English


Interests :    Sailing, Tennis,  Fishing, diving,  surfing.

Voluntary   medical  physical  exams  of  poor  elderly  seniors  in  urban       .                    areas


References : 

Prof. Dr. Enver Duran. Dean Cardiovascular Surgery. Arel Universityl.

Assoc. Prof. İsmail Koramaz, Chief, Cardiac  Surgeon, Sisli Etfal  Hospital.

Assoc. Prof. Ali Kocailik. MD.  Cardiovascular Surgeon. Istanbul Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Melih Us. CardioVascular Surgeon.

Prof.Dr. George Reul, Texas Heart Institute. Houston, USA

Prof. Dr. David Ott, Texas Heart Institute.Houston, USA

Prof. M.  Halit Andac  MD. Chief, Cardiovascular Surgery. Cekirge  Heart Hospital

Prof. David Saba  MD. Head,  Cardiovascular Surgery.Uludag University Bursa.

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